Prime Light | Singapore & Malaysia LED Supplier

Founded in 2002, Prime Light Pte Ltd is a supplier of advanced LED Lighting, LED Display and Pick-to-Light products.

Our LED Lighting products include general, mood lighting products and control systems, e.g. down lights, track lights, RGB colour changing strips, DMX control and dimming systems. However we do not just supply products, we help customers do lighting design and computer simulations so customers can visualize what they are getting and make informed decisions.

Our LED display products cover standard and customize solutions for commercial and industrial applications, e.g. video screens and VMS systems.

Another key product line is our Pick-to-Light system, which we develop and customize for pharmacy drug picking operations in our local hospitals for the past few years. The system increase the efficiency of the pharmacies while reducing potential errors.

At Prime Light, we always emphasize on delivering effective and durable solutions for our customers. Our strength lies in our engineering capability to customize and develop products from scratch.

Our aim always – to give customers optimum results.


3000K trimless recess down lights, complemented with linear lighting on its cabinets create an inviting and compulsive ambience environment.

LED Neon-Flex was fitted on the curved shelves to ensure an even illumination to the merchandise on different levels. Controlled by a Jung dimming system, the brightness level was tuned to attain optimum effect with respect to the surround environment.