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Why LED ? Lighting is not just giving Light to A SPACE

Lighting has often been overlooked. It is not just providing light, it is an integral part of both interior and exterior design of a space.

It has the power to change the atmosphere of an environment and provide unique sensation and experience to people within the space.

Proper and well design lighting creates comfort and eliminate fatigue. It can guide people to a certain direction, focus on a particular object, provide a sense of space and create dramatic effects. It can even help companies sell their products.

Prime Light is a specialist in LED lighting, having supplied lighting solutions to projects in Singapore, Malaysia and neighboring markets for more than 10 years. We will try to discuss the various types of LED lightings in this blog and how they can be applied to give the desired effects.  

Before that, let’s look into the key features of LED lighting.

  • 1.Longevity

One of the well-known benefits of using LED lights is their durability. The LED itself typically can last 50,000 hours or more. It is many times longer compared to traditional lightings like incandescent (1,000 hours), halogen (2,000 hours), fluorescent, metal halide and sodium lamps. Failure is typically due to the driver, or the control gear. For lightings with a remote (non built-in) drivers, users only need to replace the drivers.  

  • 2. Energy Efficient

LED lighting is one of the most efficient lighting device. It typically consume 80% less energy compared to incandescent and halogen bulbs, and about 40~50% less energy compared to fluorescent and metal halide lamps.

  • 3.Environmental Friendly

LED is a semiconductor product. It is also called solid state lighting because it contains no toxic gas like mercury vapour in fluorescent and metal halide lamps. These lamps, together with sodium lamps, can cause environmental hazards if they are not disposed properly. 

  • 4.Competitive Cost

LED lighting cost for general lighting has dropped tremendously in the last few years due to intense competition within the industry resulting in its exponential growth. It is still slightly more costly compared to traditional lightings but its longer life time and lower consumption cost more than make up for the difference. For new installs of general lighting, typical return is within 2 years.

  • 5.Complete Range of Products

Every common lighting product in the residential, commercial and industrial sector has a LED equivalent. Downlights, track lights, surface mount lights, linear lights, high bay lights, flood lights, street lights, colour changing lights, etc. are now mostly if not all LED powered. The only item that lack a direct LED replacement are high power metal halide or sodium retrofit bulbs typically found in traditional downlight, flood light and street light fittings. These are light fittings where bulbs can be removed and replaced. However in these instance, the whole fitting or luminaire can be changed to a LED type, with LED integrated/built into the fitting.    

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