Track Light

Track light is the most versatile lighting system. One can easily make changes to the type, position and quantity of the light fittings without any electrical work. It is just plug and play. With the advent of LED, there are now many different track light fittings and tracks to choose from for different applications.


Traditionally there are 2 common tracks that are used in the local market. The single circuit (or single phase) track is a 2-wire track system (1 Live & 1 Neutral) and it is the most commonly used in Singapore and Malaysia. They are also the most inexpensive type.

The other track is the 4 wire 3-circuit phase (or 3 phase) track (3 Lives & 1 Neutral). This is a common track in Europe and US. It has 3 different circuits and users can assign light fittings to different circuits. The track allows users to control the switching of circuits independently, unlike the single circuit track where a single switch controls the whole track. They can also be used for Dali or 0~10v dimming. The track is considerably more expensive than the single circuit track.

Both these tracks are a common standard in the industry and light fittings from different manufacturers can fit into these tracks as long as the track adaptor is the same as the track type. They can be used for surface, recess or suspended mounting.


Left: single circuit track. Right: 3-circuit track.

In recent years there is a burgeoning trend for proprietary low voltage track systems. The light fittings and tracks must be from the same manufacturer as each has its own dimension. They are more expensive than standard tracks and they can even be trimless mounted, see picture below.


Light Fittings

The standard LED track lights are mostly adjustable spot lights that come with varying beam angles from narrow to wide. They are very useful in creating focus onto a particular point, wall washing and can also be used to provide general lighting. They are very commonly used in retail outlets and museums. They can be dimmable if required. Below are some pictures of the standard track light fittings.


The proprietary low voltage track light fittings are slightly different. They run on low DC voltage (24~48vdc) and thus their light fittings are not big and typically less than 30W. They come with a few more varieties, e.g. a pendant and a diffuse light.  



Some of the common proprietary track light fittings.

We have a huge array of track lights and track to suit your different needs. We have done numerous projects in Singapore and Malaysia, especially for retail application. We can help you simulate and specify your lighting to achieve optimum lighting effects.   

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